Casino – The Best Movies About Casinos


Casinos are exciting places where you can let your hair down and try your hand at luck at games like poker and roulette. You’re surrounded by people who are just as excited about the experience and this energy creates an intoxicating atmosphere. Casinos also usually feature flashy decor and upbeat music to make the experience even more thrilling. There are often places to eat and drink as well and other entertainment options to help you get the most out of your casino experience.

Few movies capture the essence of Sin City better than Casino. While many other movies show the glamorous side of Las Vegas with its opulence, neon signs, and people gambling and having fun, this movie goes deeper. It lays bare the history of the city and its past ties with organized crime while still showing off the glitz, glamour, and excitement of casinos today.

Its abrasive tone, superb acting (including Sharon Stone in one of her finest performances and Joe Pesci as the dangerous gambler Ace Rothstein), and outstanding direction from Martin Scorsese makes Casino one of the greatest films ever made. The movie has a number of classic scenes that are still quotable today, including the scene where a prostitute offers a lap dance to a gangster in a crowded casino and the sequence with Henry Hill in the Tangiers cash counting room, where skimming off the top is a practice that Ace countenances.